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Phone (209) 564-6863

Email: azoresveterinarypractice@azoresvet.com

Dr. Sergio B Pereira

Dr. Pereira was born and raised in the Azores, Portugal. After visiting family in the US several times he decided to move to the US and finish his academic training. Dr. Pereira arrived in the US in January of 1999 and started his academic journey at Merced Community College in Merced California. He then transferred to UC Davis. Dr. Pereira attended St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine, in Grenada W.I. and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree on June 17th 2006. Dr. Pereira received his clinical training from Kansas State University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Upon graduation Dr. Pereira started working for a Dairy Practice in the Central Valley in California. In January 2012 he started in own practice, Azores Veterinary Practice. Dr. Pereira’s main professional interests include: bovine veterinary practice and general surgery.

Dr. Pereira is married to Dr. Maria I Rodriguez and they have a son Sebastian. Dr. Pereira and Dr. Rodriguez met while attending Veterinary School. When having some free time Dr. Pereira enjoys watching Soccer, traveling back to the Azores and Puerto Rico and working on expanding his hobby farm.

Dr. Christopher Burrows

I grew up in Chandler, Arizona. A love of the outdoors was instilled in me with frequent hiking and camping trips. Animals were always apart of my life and more importantly apart of my family. From a young age I knew I wanted to work with animals, which developed into passion for veterinary medicine. I graduated from Mesquite High School in 2004.  Moved to Tucson, Arizona to attend The University of Arizona for undergrad. While in undergrad I took an animal nutrition course and discovered an interest in nutrition, with a focus on livestock. I graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences in Veterinary Science in 2008. In 2009, I continued my education at The University of Arizona, pursuing a Masters in Ruminant Nutrition. In 2011, I completed my Masters. With my time in Tucson finished, I moved on to my next adventure in Fort Collins, Colorado.

In Fort Collins, I attended Colorado State University from 2011-2015 for veterinary school. While in veterinary school, I focused on food animal medicine at every opportunity. In the Summer of 2012, I worked as a technician at The Dairy Authority on pharmaceutical research with Bayer. I continued to work with The Dairy Authority throughout my time in Fort Collins. In the Summer of 2013, I was an intern with Colorado Serum Company. It was a valuable experience to work with many different species in developing vaccines and other life saving medications for the veterinary field.  Throughout veterinary school. I was an active member in the American Association of Bovine Practitioners. While in Colorado, I was able to further pursue my love for the outdoors and became an avid rock-climber.

In May 2015, I graduated from Colorado State University as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine.  Looking to focus on food animal medicine, predominantly dairy medicine, the Central Valley of California was where I could best utilize my skills. I loaded my dog, Angus, into the truck and we made our way out West. In July of 2015, I began work at Azores Veterinary Practice, focusing on livestock and small ruminant medicine. 

Services Offered by Azores Veterinary Practice

  • Bovine, Caprine and Ovine Pregnancy Diagnosis 
    • We have two ultrasound machines that are used for pregnancy diagnosis. We these we can accurately measure embryos and fetuses and their viability, diagnose gender, diagnose reproductive abnormalities such as: cystic ovaries, masses, pyometras, mucometras, etc.
    • The Easy Scan 3 ultrasound machine can also be used to diagnose respiratory disease and levels of lung damage that resulted from pneumonias or other respiratory conditions.
  • Bovine, Caprine and Ovine Internal Medicine
    • We are trained to diagnose and treat your animals when sick.
  • Bovine, Caprine and Ovine Surgery
    • When in need of a surgery your animals can count on our expertise to surgically repair their anomalies.
  • Bovine, Caprine and Ovine Emergency Services
    • We offer 24/7 emergency time.
  • Bovine, Caprine and Ovine Preventive Medicine 
    • We will work together with you to develop a preventative program that fits and protects your herd or animals against many diseases that can be fatal or cause high levels of morbidity and consequently financial losses. 
  • Bovine, Caprine and Ovine Herd Health Medicine
    • We are trained to help you better manage your herd.
  • Bovine, Caprine and Ovine Laboratory Testing – milk and blood
    • In partnership with Repro Results, Azores Veterinary Practice now offers an array of laboratory tests that help diagnose many diseases and conditions that can affect your animals. These tests include: milk culture for mastitis prevention, Beta Hydroxybuturate measurements, etc. More tests will be added in a near future.
  • Beef Cattle BSE Testing
    • This reproductive performance test will aid you in selecting the best bulls for your herd and prevent you from using bulls that can have contagious diseases and inflict major reproductive and consequently financial losses in your herd.